Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Energy Medicine Energy Healing
Shamanic Energy Medicine Energy Healing

Shamanic Healing

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Are you ready to release what’s holding you back?  Old hurts, negative beliefs, self doubt – all of these can be cleared away if you are ready to let them go.

Are you ready to welcome back the energy, vitality and confidence that you have been cut off from?  The soul energy that vanished when you experienced a shock or could not make room for it is now ready to return, if you are ready to make a place for it within yourself.

Are you ready to claim full ownership of yourself?  Then say NO to interference.

Are you ready to step up to your highest destiny?  Then meet your luminous self and explore the upper world through guided journey.  During this journey you might meet power animals that can become your guides and allies, and help you expand your reality.

Shamanic energy work goes straight to the source of our difficulties: to trauma imprints, negative interference, ancestral influences, and to cords and attachments that are held in our energy body.  It can access the wider scope of our souls’s reality.  It can lead us to support and help we never knew we had.  It can connect us to the deep history of man’s direct experience of spirit.  It is a powerful and expansive method for healing and growing on all levels.

What’s a one-on-one shamanic healing like? You will be guided in your exploration of an issue that is being held in the body, and, through gentle breath-work, in a process of release.  Your practitioner will track your energy field to locate bindings and other obstructions, imprints or forms of negative interference to be worked with.  If appropriate, your practitioner will journey to seek your lost soul energy and to return it to you.  Time will be taken to fully integrate and embody your experience.

In a remote healing session, energy work takes place outside of space and time. This may seem like a strange idea if you have yet to experience the effectiveness of remote work. However, for those familiar with Reiki, psychic and intuitive consultation or other forms of healing and energy work. this is hardly  strange at all.  As a practitioner I make phone contact with my client and I “bring in” an energy field for the purpose of healing, so that I can work and communicate in much the same way as I would with a client who is physically with me in my medicine space.My remote clients report what they are experiencing exactly as they would if they were physically with me. 

This way of working provides access to shamanic energy healing for clients whose location or schedule makes it impossible to do face to face work.  It also allows them to find support from someone who inspires them or is a good fit for them, no matter where in the world the practitioner is based.

“I was so deeply touched the day I realized that I am not alone.  Everything on this planet is part of an interconnected web of life.  Rocks, plants, animals – they are all my brothers and sisters.”  - Wendy Ball


  • First session: 90 minutes for $150
  • Subsequent sessions 60 or 90 minutes as needed. 
  • 60 minutes for $100

For more information contact Wendy.

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The shaman no longer looks for meaning in life but brings meaning into every situation. The shaman stops looking for truth and instead brings truth to every encounter. You don’t look for the right partner; you become the right partner and the right partner finds you. It is a very active practice focused on healing.
— Alberto Villoldo