Hakomi The Hakomi Method
Hakomi The Hakomi Method


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In Hakomi we bring loving presence to our embodied experience so that we may know ourselves more deeply. The Hakomi Method is a gentle, respectful and wonderfully affirming approach to personal healing, change and growth.  It helps us move beyond words, story and explanation to a clear and visceral knowing.  Mindfulness is used in a unique way to promote self-awareness of the beliefs that underlie our behavior patterns, attitudes and overall response to life.  The skills of loving presence and mindfulness used in Hakomi become part of our repertoire, our enhanced ability to connect with self and others.  Hakomi helps us create a spaciousness that sustains deep listening to self and anchoring of awareness.  For this reason many clients working with the Hakomi Method prefer longer session times of 90 minutes.


  • $100 for 60 minutes
  • $150 for 90 minutes

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If you can observe your own experience with a minimum of interference, and if you don’t try to control what you experience, if you simply allow things to happen and you observe them, then you will be able to discover things about yourself that you did not know before. You can discover little pieces of the inner structures of your mind, the very things that make you who you are.
— Ron Kurtz