Wendy is the most selfless, compassionate listener I have ever met. She and the sacred safe space that she creates during a session give you the tools to stand strong and approach anything you bring to the table in a practical and simultaneously heart-centered manner. Her unbounded multidisciplinary experience lovingly guides you to transform your life and days into the highest and most rewarding ones you’ll ever know. What is unique about Wendy is that she has the ability to tune your body/mind to the gifts and circumstances that are the keys to your transformation, while holding a powerful space to see you through until the fruition of your dreams & goals. We are blessed to have access to her heart/soul-centered gifts at this much needed time in our world.
— J.J.
The first time I walked into Wendy’s office, I felt a huge wash of safety and release through my body in the first five minutes, and had no idea why. In every visit since, I have come to experience the wide range of expertise and wisdom she holds, and am always surprised at the powerful blend of open-hearted, transformative conversation and the practices she leads, whichhave me feeling deeply seen and healed.
— Clare
Hakomi is such an amazing healing modality, and Wendy brings a very caring, compassionate and loving presence to the process.
— Christine
I lived through much trauma in my childhood, as well as into adulthood, falling victim to my own self-destructive behaviors, to that of others, and to the inability to treat myself with love and kindness. Many years of therapy and Twelve Step recovery made a huge difference in my life, but it was only when I began working with Wendy, going deeper inside with Hakomi and Shamanic healing work, that I began to get to know the different parts of me and how to bring them all together to work in my best interests. By doing this, I finally found safety within myself, which, in turn, gave me the power to set myself free!
— Ginger
Wendy has a wonderful way of bringing me through a journey to find insight into a knotty puzzle in my life. With her gentle guidance and deep intuition, I come away from a session with an image that stays with me and helps me find my inner wisdom to untie that tangled knot.
— Brigid
Our remote session was profound on all levels – mentally, emotionally and physically. What was remarkable was that my left ear stopped ringing for two days!!?? Yes!!?? I certainly felt an opening in my heart. I felt lighter and was able to move out of myself and do some activities that helped me get going. I am now aware at how much I really physically hurt myself. Colors are still shifting and changing in incredible ways that were not there before. It is helpful for me to be more aware of my heart; I do tend to want to hide it from myself and others.
— Faye
Wendy Ball has incorporated the great tradition of Peruvian shamanism and made it her own. She is a gifted healer and takes you on a journey to yourself. She has helped me develop insights that I never would have had in traditional therapy. Wendy has facilitated my healing of intergenerational wounds and energy blockages in my body. I struggle with chronic and potentially life threatening illnesses, and Wendy has helped me sustain body, mind and spirit on this challenging journey.
— Leslie