Healing Energy of Gemstones


Gemstones have been used throughout history in association with specific qualities and healing energy.  For example, rose quartz carries the gentle healing energy perfect for healing and soothing emotional wounds.  Block stones, like hematite, black tourmaline and onyx are used to absorb negativity and protect against it.  Sodalite is associated with purpose and discernment.  Many stones, jasper being a good example, are known for their balancing energy.  Healing properties are linked in part with the frequencies expressed in their color. These frequencies support and balance the body’s energy centers.

I encourage you to explore the healing qualities of the gemstones you are attracted to.  It will add an extra dimension to your appreciation of the piece you choose.  You may decide to choose a piece based on the healing qualities of the gemstone(s) used in the design of the piece.



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