Caring for Beaded Gemstone Jewelry


Many of my pieces emphasize the use of gemstones in their design.  Gemstones come in a variety of levels of hardness.  Some gemstones, like turquoise and sponge coral may be soft and porous and should not be worn in the shower or otherwise soaked in water.

My beaded jewelry, although made with care to be sturdy and to pass the test of years of wearing, is not as commercially made pieces.  So I encourage you to take care with your piece and not wear it when chopping wood or doing other hard physical work.  If you like to wear your beads to bed I encourage you to put them under your pillow.  Don’t let small children wear or play with your beads.  

If your beads do break, contact me at and we can discuss repair.  I invite you to contact me if you would like information about your piece or would like to discuss the possibility of a custom design.



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