The Healing and Empowering Energy of Stones


When opening sacred space and calling in Mother Earth in the way I learned with Alberto Villoldo we pray:  "Pachamama, we are here for the healing of all of your children:  stone people, plant people, creepy crawlers, 4-leggeds, 2-leggeds, furred, finned and winged ones.". This prayer highlights the shamanic understanding that everything on the planet is alive and has consciousness; that all forms of life are related and that humans are but a part of this magnificent web of life.

Stones are part of this web of life. Stones are our brothers and sisters, teachers and healers. Stones are of service to us in many ways.  They hold what we release into them with out breath in shamanic healing and then release what they are holding into the earth.  Stones carry energy of different frequencies and can be valuable tools for human healing and development.  Crystals are amazing natural structures that can help us receive and send information.  Some stones are veritable "lightbraries" of information.  Some stones energize, some calm, some inspire us with qualities and attributes we need in order to move forward.  

I have been in love with stones since I can remember.  I love gemstones.  Many of us are instinctively drawn to a particular colored gemstone for the energy it may give a particular chakra.  Red coral can strengthen our sense of place and belonging in the world.  Orange carnelian is so nourishing.  Pink is the emotional healer.  Yellow citrine or chalcedony gives us connection to our inner sun.  The green of peridot or rainforest opal clears space in the heart and strengthens our ability to make healthy decisions.  Turquoise, combining green and blue powers high heart and tempers wisdom with love.  The blue of sodalite powers and clears our center of communication and the deeper blue of Tanzanite clears our ability to perceive and receive information.  Amethyst, that soft yet powerful hard working gemstone energizes our crown chakra and is the ultimate healer

And who has not found a beautiful smooth pebble and kept it in their pocket.  The mountains are the skeleton of the planet.  We turn to them for wisdom and strengh and inspiration.  Boulders are inhabited by spirit.  They hold space and are sentinels.  My akashic teacher Teri Uktens acknowledged my special relationship with stones one lesson and laughingly commented that people keep crystals inside but usually keep field and river stones outside.  Not me.  My house is litters with stone friends of all sizes and shapes.  

For eons humans have had a relationship with stones.  Think of stonehenge.  Think of the pyramids.  Check out Michael Tellinger and what he is discovering about how sound was used with stone to create enormous energy.  Think of amulets and stone encrusted breastplates.  

And now I invite you to go find a stone of a color that feels good to you and befriend it.  Put it in your pocket or wear it.  Like tarot - you don't need to read the book about what the card or the stone means.  Trust your innate intelligence and feel what it gives to you.  Sit with it in stillness and hear what it has to say to you.

Enjoy a new connection, or deepen an old one.