Gone Traveling

What?  So soon?  I just got here didn’t I? 

Well, not really.  I’ve been “on task,” working, being available to clients, with no break longer than two or three weeks since I went to India in 1979.  My way of working and being of service is undergoing a needed transformation which will allow me to travel and change up my life as needed..  I have created this website as the new cyber home for my work moving forward.

I’m moving away from the kind of service to clients that requires that I have an office and do the bulk of my work face to face.  This doesn’t mean that I will not do face to face work moving forward.  But it can only be as I am available and find a place to do it.  As many clients are discovering, distance healing and mentoring using the phone or Skype makes deep healing work as close as your phone. 

However, for the next couple of months I’m taking a long-planned trip and will not be available for any client contact whatsover until about mid-December, 2017.  I will check in with current clients when I’m available.