Gone Traveling

What?  So soon?  I just got here didn’t I? 

Well, not really.  I’ve been “on task,” working, being available to clients, with no break longer than two or three weeks since I went to India in 1979.  My way of working and being of service is undergoing a needed transformation which will allow me to travel and change up my life as needed..  I have created this website as the new cyber home for my work moving forward.

I’m moving away from the kind of service to clients that requires that I have an office and do the bulk of my work face to face.  This doesn’t mean that I will not do face to face work moving forward.  But it can only be as I am available and find a place to do it.  As many clients are discovering, distance healing and mentoring using the phone or Skype makes deep healing work as close as your phone. 

However, for the next couple of months I’m taking a long-planned trip and will not be available for any client contact whatsover until about mid-December, 2017.  I will check in with current clients when I’m available.  




The Healing and Empowering Energy of Stones


When opening sacred space and calling in Mother Earth in the way I learned with Alberto Villoldo we pray:  "Pachamama, we are here for the healing of all of your children:  stone people, plant people, creepy crawlers, 4-leggeds, 2-leggeds, furred, finned and winged ones.". This prayer highlights the shamanic understanding that everything on the planet is alive and has consciousness; that all forms of life are related and that humans are but a part of this magnificent web of life.

Stones are part of this web of life. Stones are our brothers and sisters, teachers and healers. Stones are of service to us in many ways.  They hold what we release into them with out breath in shamanic healing and then release what they are holding into the earth.  Stones carry energy of different frequencies and can be valuable tools for human healing and development.  Crystals are amazing natural structures that can help us receive and send information.  Some stones are veritable "lightbraries" of information.  Some stones energize, some calm, some inspire us with qualities and attributes we need in order to move forward.  

I have been in love with stones since I can remember.  I love gemstones.  Many of us are instinctively drawn to a particular colored gemstone for the energy it may give a particular chakra.  Red coral can strengthen our sense of place and belonging in the world.  Orange carnelian is so nourishing.  Pink is the emotional healer.  Yellow citrine or chalcedony gives us connection to our inner sun.  The green of peridot or rainforest opal clears space in the heart and strengthens our ability to make healthy decisions.  Turquoise, combining green and blue powers high heart and tempers wisdom with love.  The blue of sodalite powers and clears our center of communication and the deeper blue of Tanzanite clears our ability to perceive and receive information.  Amethyst, that soft yet powerful hard working gemstone energizes our crown chakra and is the ultimate healer

And who has not found a beautiful smooth pebble and kept it in their pocket.  The mountains are the skeleton of the planet.  We turn to them for wisdom and strengh and inspiration.  Boulders are inhabited by spirit.  They hold space and are sentinels.  My akashic teacher Teri Uktens acknowledged my special relationship with stones one lesson and laughingly commented that people keep crystals inside but usually keep field and river stones outside.  Not me.  My house is litters with stone friends of all sizes and shapes.  

For eons humans have had a relationship with stones.  Think of stonehenge.  Think of the pyramids.  Check out Michael Tellinger and what he is discovering about how sound was used with stone to create enormous energy.  Think of amulets and stone encrusted breastplates.  

And now I invite you to go find a stone of a color that feels good to you and befriend it.  Put it in your pocket or wear it.  Like tarot - you don't need to read the book about what the card or the stone means.  Trust your innate intelligence and feel what it gives to you.  Sit with it in stillness and hear what it has to say to you.

Enjoy a new connection, or deepen an old one.

Accessing Trustworthy Information

In the age of fake news and marketing that exploits what you reveal about your interests and preferences by your online activity it is a question that haunts most of us:  how do I get information I can trust?  We live in "the information age." The internet has given us finger-tip access to information, so much of it that it becomes like choosing between the many brands of shampoo, or cars.   So much information, so readily available, is a blessing and a curse.  When it comes to finding directions to an office or business it is a blessing.  When it comes to keying a wildflower or bird seen on a walk it is a blessing.  But when it comes to discerning the truth about political events it is a curse because it magnetizes our focus on what is external to us.

There have always been those who practised the art of inner vision, who knew how to access information from within that had both individual and collective significance.  Prior to organized religion these people were important members of the community.  Then times changed and we were asked to trust information from a central source that carried the authority of an intermediary, a priest.  There was to be no direct contact with Source.  And then, Science usurped much of the authority of the Church.  Both the Church and Science asked people to trust them, and only them, as reliable sources of truth.  We lost our connection with shamans, medicine women, and other wise people. We forgot how to look inside.  Well, not completely.  There continue to be inner vision adepts.  They are the psychics, the intuitives, the tarot card readers, the dowsers, the shamans.  They are considered "alternative."  And yet they are re-gaining influence in a time where people are losing confidence in accepted mainstream ways of getting answers to questions.  

In two of the modalities that I practice:  Hakomi, and Shamanic Energy Healing, we call the art of accessing information intuitively "tracking."  Tracking is the art of subtle focus and observation while centered in stillness and loving presence.  In shamanic work information is also intuitively accessed while journeying.  Always, the logical mind is asked to step aside so that one may be available to information, impressions, often symbolic, that arises.   

How do we know that intuitively derived information is trustworthy?  Many people would say it is not, end of discussion.  Others of us have learned to trust information from an intuitive source when it connects with our experience, when it moves us, when it creates much needed meaning for us about ourselves and our situations that allows us to heal and move forward.


It is a wonderful thing that increasing numbers of people are practising meditation, and mindfullness, and stillness.  All of these practices involve stilling and re-directing mental activity in such a way that we can become available to present moment experience and to deeper levels of experiencing.  One of the prime characteristics of the quality of knowing that comes from a place of deep stillness is its trustworthiness.  And so we say:  "I just know."  We can be deceived and manipulated by what we read, by what others tell us.  And if we do not have the means to check the veracity of what we hear and read, what are we to do?  Time may come when our well-being and even our freedom will depend on our skills of deep inner knowing.



Welcome to my new website!


I am so happy and excited to launch my new website to share the content and spirit of my work moving forward!  

For those of you who know me, my work, and my life are going through some significant transition this year.  I am retiring from "clinical" work and not renewing my mental health counseling license.  I will have regular office hours in Albany NY until October 2017 when I will be away traveling.  As of January 2018 I am beginning a new chapter in which I will be available for phone/skype consultation  along with remote energy work, a limited amount of face/face work, and workshops.  

Learning to work at the level of energy has taught me that face/face contact is not an essential requirement for healing.   Loving presence, intuitive connection to both client and spirit, ability to access imprints and blocks in the energy body - all these are available as much at a distance as they are face/face because they exist at a level other than the physical.

For those who don't know me yet - welcome!  May you find something here that inspires you.  Please feel free to contact me with questions about Shamanic Healing, Hakomi, and the different ways in which I may be of service to you.

I'll be adding to my blog  so do drop by from time to time or even better, subscribe.

Contact me by phone:  518-813-8524
Contact me by email:  Wendy.ball@yahoo.com