The most important thing a person can do is to heal and become a clear embodiment of their own soul's light. As individuals heal, the collective heals. Healing is peace-making.

Wendy Ball

Wendy Ball has incorporated the great tradition of Peruvian shamanism and made it her own. She is a gifted healer and takes you on a journey to yourself. She has helped me develop insights that I never would have had in traditional therapy. Wendy has facilitated my healing intergenerational wounds and energy blockages in my body. I struggle with chronic and potentially life threatening illnesses and Wendy has helped me sustain body, mind and spirit on this challenging journey.
— Leslie


Shamanic healing

Heal your luminous energy field and restore the joy and vitality that is your birthright.

coaching & mentoring

Connect with your truth, clarify your direction; create your path; commit, stay the course.


Listen deeply to your embodied self and discover what is needed to be well.


Learn Shamanic skills and practices. Make them your own.